El Shaman y Yo

These pieces reflect LOZA's first-hand experience and knowledge of Huichol traditions based on his 20+ years of collaboration with Huichol artisans in Mexico. This LOZA series is an expression of his work with and respect for his Huichol friend and colleague, Macario Carrillo.

El Marakame
Mujer Huichol (mixed media with beaded pieces and yarn)
Compartiendo Sabiduria (mixed media with yarn and beaded pieces)
Ensenanzas del Shaman Macario

LOZA and his Huichol shaman/artist colleague, Macario Carillo, have collaborated over 20+ years sharing their artwork at exhibits and workshops in USA, Mexico, and Canada.

They have led numerous workshops together.

Las Primas
Divino luminoso (mixed media with beaded pieces)
La Ceremonia (mixed media with beaded pieces)
Venados Mensajeros
Hacia La Vida
Diferente energia

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