Originally from Mexico, Francisco LOZA creates Arte de Estambre or Pressed Yarn Art by working on wooden surfaces that he covers in a combination of special waxes used as an adhesive base. Onto these adhesive waxed bases, LOZA intricately shapes, cuts, presses multi-colored yarn into his original artwork.

LOZA’s artwork reflects his perspectives on nature, cultural traditions, immigration, spirituality, and the abstract. Some of LOZA's artwork is mixed-media with pressed yarn and chaquira (beaded pieces), while others are 3-D in depth. Viewers are captivated when seeing the intricacy, texture, movement, and vibrant colors in LOZA’s artwork. A self-taught artist, LOZA has 20+ years of experience collaborating with Huichol artisans as well as exhibiting his artwork and leading workshops in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

LOZA sees his artwork as a form of artistic diplomacy in the United States, Mexico, and beyond. Through his art, exhibits, and workshops, LOZA creates opportunities for people to gain more nuanced understandings of Mexican communities & cultural traditions as well as themes of nature, spirituality, immigration, and the abstract.

Using a technique that requires skill, patience, and creativity, LOZA wants viewers to see and feel the textures and movement in his original artwork.

His work also captures his first-hand knowledge of Huichol communities and traditions based on his two decades of collaborations with Huichol artisans in Nayarit and Jalisco in Mexico.

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